•  I suck at introductions. So, I guess I’ll just get straight to the rambling. Here it goes… Those  of you who know me know I’ve been meaning to start something like this for a while. I just hadn’t found a good, timely hook yet. I wanted anything I wrote to have the perspective and information you couldn’t get anywhere else, and hopefully this blog is that. The tentative plan right now is for this to be a place where I talk about things I’m passionate about, which means a lot of talk about comic books, books, TV shows and movies. I may even throw little professional wrestling in here from time to time. The first non-introductory post will be about the Powers TV pilot that went up today on the PlayStation Network. That post will be up tomorrow. Next, I plan a series of articles about Daredevil leading up to the release of the Netflix series. Let’s call it a premier for those who would like to know more about ol’Hornhead. I will probably do individual episode reviews as well. After that, well I haven’t planned that far out. I hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer. Oh, and one more thing, if you don’t enjoy foul language this is not a space for you.  Robb Tigan

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