Welcome to Reverie in The Void in 2016

     Hello there people who read this blog when they’re bored. I hope you all had an eventful holiday season. The reason I’m writing this is because I wanted to announce some new features coming to this space for the new year. First, rather than one entry a week, you guys will be seeing thrice weekly entries from me. The normal format going forward will be: Monday Movie/TV post, Wednesday and Friday comics posts. However, for the inaugural week you’re getting all comics posts. What comic are you taking about Robb? I hear you ask in hushed tones. Well, for the next nine and a half weeks, I will be looking at The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s other indy magnum opus Invincible. So, if you wish to follow along with this series, go to wherever books are sold or lent out in your area and pickup either the normal trade collections, ultimate collection hardcovers, or the good-for-killing small rodents thousand page compendiums. Or you can read digitally, I think. I’m not your boss, you don’t have to do what I tell you. Getting back on track here, the first Invincible will probably go up simultaneously with this post. I hope you all like it.


I finally found a use for this photo!!


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